logo PhonoRipper leads you comfortably through all steps of creating an audio-CD from analog sources like vinyl records or tape cassettes:


A few dependencies must be fulfilled so that Phonoripper will be able to work:


What's totally missing yet is any filtering of noise and scratches. I recommend the excellent Gnome-Wave-Cleaner for that.


Probably .
Send bug reports , comments and suggestions to : Michael Lange <klappnase (at) freakmail (dot) de>.

If you encounter problems, maybe you will find help at the FAQ.


Unpack the tar.bz2 archive, then type

     cd phonoripper-0.11.0 && ./install
to install PhonoRipper into /usr/local . If you want to install PhonoRipper somewhere else, you can use
    ./install --prefix=<somewhere-else>
If you don't like PhonoRipper, type
    ./install --uninstall
to remove the installation.


    phonoripper : start the main program
    phonoripper -m , --mixer : start the mixer interface


PhonoRipper is licensed under the terms of the Gnu General Public License.


Aug. 15 2007: PhonoRipper-0.9.7

Phonoripper now parses the output of "cdrdao scanbus -v 0" in order to detect CD devices instead of searching the /proc filesystem, which fixes a crash when running Phonoripper with newer kernel versions.

Aug. 31 2008 : PhonoRipper-0.10.0

Phonoripper now includes a yet quite basic WYSIWYG CD cover editor (requires both a complete install of tkImg and PIL). More information about bugfixes and other changes can be found as usually in the ChangeLog.

Dec. 03 2008 : PhonoRipper-0.10.1

I redesigned the mixer interface and added a "Mute" switch per mixer track. Besides this I made a few minor cosmetic changes.

Nov. 30 2009 : PhonoRipper-0.11.0

cdrdao scanbus appears to be broken when used with newer kernel versions, causing the device scan to take quite a long time and / or fail; I added a workaround for this:
the automatic call to "cdrdao scanbus" on program startup can now be disabled (the default) and the CD writer device can be configured manually.
This scanbus bug has apparently been fixed in cdrdao-1.2.3 , so upgrading cdrdao is probably a good idea, if possible.
Besides this I made a few other changes, more information can be as usually found in the ChangeLog.

Dec. 05 2009 : PhonoRipper-0.11.1

I fixed a bug that would cause PhonoRipper to crash at program start when the sound device is blocked by another program.

Mar. 20 2010 : PhonoRipper-0.11.2

A broken Blt could cause a segfault on some systems when Pmw tries to load Blt (this has been reported to occur on Ubuntu 9.10, but other distibutions might be affected as well); this would cause phonoripper to crash each time a dialog window is opened. I changed the Pmw code responsible for loading Blt so that it will never be loaded, which should fix this problem.


PhonoRipper is available on phonoripper's sourceforge site


Any comments, bug reports and suggestions are highly welcome.
Please mailto:
Michael Lange <klappnase (at) freakmail (dot) de>

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